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I woke up this morning to heavy, grey and miserable looking clouds, within minutes of me waking up, the heavens opened and it began to pour it down. Today was to be my first day of riding in the rain. Joy. I’ve been pretty lucky not to get caught in any so far, has England really had a summer?! I’m shocked!
I must admit I don’t really have the correct clothing for wet weather riding, so I put my jeans on, big fur jacket and retro opened face helmet and set off. I might invest in the bad boy below:

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This was not going to be pleasant but off to work I must go!
To be honest with you it wasn’t as bad as thought, but I could really notice the difference on the roads straight away, I felt a lot more wary turning corners and braking, oh and I couldn’t see very much, I’m still inventing some window wipers for glasses, I’ll be on Dragons Den soon. But people (mainly car drivers) just do not seem to be aware that rain should make a difference to how you drive or ride. No distance between each other, driving at stupid speeds and generally being blind to the obvious new obstacle of rain.
I turned up looking like drowned rat and I’m only just drying off now (it’s 3pm, I got to work at 9.30!)

It’s seems to be brightning up now though, which is good because there is a road trip planned to Wales this bank holiday. Where various stops will be made along the way to the many biker friendly cafes in Wales such as The Ponderosa or TheWelshBikers cafe. Wales is always a great place to ride, long winding isolated roads, amazing scenery but I can’t guarantee the weather! It is Wales after all!

Don’t forget if you’re out riding in the rain this weekend or in viagra online 25 mg the future to give your bike a good check over and make sure it’s fit for riding in these conditions. Even better, why don’t you come down to Fasttrack and get yourself a free inspection for peace of mind, have a free tea or coffee whilst you wait and check out our awesome range of bikes we’ve got in at the moment.

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