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When I was out on Saturday night, standing outside in the pub garden the most AMAZING custom Harley Davidson pulled up. It looked beautiful, Viagra super active it sounded beautiful and I wanted to know more, so I took my slightly tipsy self over to introduce myself and ask him a few questions! I had a chat with friendly man who came with the bike and it turns out he had building the bike for over 6 years and wouldn’t divulge how much he’d spent on it!

Since then, I have been googling and ebaying custom Harleys and just can’t believe some of the things I have seen. These aren’t just bikes, they’re works of art!

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Incredible engineering, sculpted into beautiful flowing shapes. Intricate paint jobs and masses of chrome. The amount of work and effort creates something really special. And like the guy I spoke to on Saturday, can cost a lot of money, so much that you don’t even want to say how much out loud! But I can totally appreciate why these fanatics do so, what they end up with something completely unique, a bike that is completely designed to suit the rider and I can imagine is completely rewarding.


Whilst looking for Harley Customs, I came across loads of really useful websites to help with the building of these bikes, lots of hints and tips and lots of website where you are able to buy custom parts.

I’d would love it if you could send in some pictures of your custom bikes and I’ll put them on our blog!

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