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We’re pretty excited here down at Fasttrack HQ. There’s a new arrival, he’s loud, mean looking and everyone cant help but look twice. No I’m not talking about a new mechanic, I’m talking about our Harley Davidson Rocker C!

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It really is a treat for the ears, it’s absolutely immaculate, glossy black paint work, masses of chrome and its chopper style lines. This really is a riders delight to look at, even if Harley’s aren’t your thing, there is no way you cant appreciate the way it looks. With it’s big fat back tyre and skinnier front, this is something special. It also has a little trick up its sleeve or should I say seat, when you want that second passenger to join you on cialis brand a ride, you can slide a second seat from under the first! It’s a pretty cool addition and works really well.


With two huge silver exhausts climbing their way out of the beautiful engine, you know that even before you fire that engine up your ears are going to be in for a treat. And I’m not wrong! It starts with a deep low grunt and grumbles into a loud rumble like a creature from depths of hell!


Nathan here was hoping to get a few weeks of riding and looking cool in the last of the summers sunshine out of it before we sold it, but as soon as it was mentioned on our website, there was interest. There seems to be a real big interest in these custom-style bikes at the moment.


Why don’t you come down yourself and take and look and listen at this beauty. If not, I will get a video up soon so you can hear for yourselves!

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