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Woo hoo the summer is finally here, it’s only nearly bloody October! So we really are getting the Indian Summer that we are promised nearly every year…

Sitting in my office, I can see the sun shining and I can hear it too! Not the sweet sound of song bird nor the children playing in the parks, no, I can hear engines, motorbike engines! Whizzing down the busy main road that our showroom is on.

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Us British are renowned for making the most of the smallest bit of sunshine, stripping off at lunch and sitting in the sun, dipping into the cold British seas or having a BBQ at any given chance (me and my friends last night!) But us motorcyclists are no different, any glimpse of sunshine and the bike comes out. As my bike is my only mode of transport I don’t really have a choice in the matter, come rain or shine viagra soft tabs I’m on my bike but riding in the sun is a completely different experience.

I find myself on my ride to work on a cold and wet day just thinking about getting to work, getting in the warmth, nipping through every bit of traffic and finding the quickest route to work and trying to miss every set of traffic lights. But my ride to work in the sunshine is completely different, I take my time, really thinking about my riding, enjoying the time (even if it is through the city) I don’t find myself battling my way through traffic and thinking about getting to work. In fact I kind of almost want to continue past work and ride off into the country side!

So I urge you, get your bike out, go and enjoy this glorious bit of weather we’re having, because it really might be the last of it until next year!

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