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Just finished our new advert to go out on the Leicester City Shuttlebus routes. It features the two best looking bikes from our new range of Rieju learner legal 125s and mopeds which we think you’ll agree look amazing. And in the flesh (metal?) they look even better. Both powered by genuine Yamaha engines these Spanish-built and designed bikes are of exceptional build quality, especially for the price which is more than £1000 less than their Japanese or Italian counterparts. In fact the 125 version of the featured RS3 50 managed to bag itself a Ride Magazine ‘Best-Buy Overall’ when pitted in a test ride against market leaders such as the Aprilia RS 125 and the Honda XLV125V Varadero… And as for the moped, well to quote ”

If you want a full-blown, learner legal race rep experience without any compromise, this bike’s for you.”

Not much else I can say really. Keep an eye out for the ad and please tell any learners or prospectives you know to come take a look at what we can offer. Cheers.

advert featuring a learner legal 125 and moped from Fasttrack Motorcycles

It’s been quite while since I posted anything on here but it’s been even longer since I’ve seen a geared moped for sale! Over the past two decades we’ve seen a massive influx of automatic scooters which are now flooding our roads. The geared moped seemed to be a thing of the past despite obvious demand from our customers and our customer’s children. Whatever the reason for this, there’s been a massive gap in the market which has now been filled. And this bike is exciting! If I was 16 again I’d be saving every single penny I earned until I had one in my grasp.

Rieju are a Spanish brand who have been consistent favourites of the European market with their excellent build quality and ultra-reliable Yamaha-Minarelli engined range of bikes. The quality and detail of these machines has to be seen to be believed. They’ve been steadily increasing their market share in the UK over the past few years and now they’re available in Leicester. Direct from Fasttrack Motorcycles.

Rieju MRT Pro 50 Supermotard from Fasttrack Motorcycles

This MRT Pro 50 Supermotard comes with Marzocchi USD forks, Galfer disks and Michelin tyres as standard! It also boasts an aluminium swing arm and silencer, LED lights and progressive rear suspension. On a moped!?! Insanity. But not as insane as the price tag. You get all this for just £2549 on the road. All you have to do is insure it. No hidden extras, nothing more to pay.

Unless of course you want to modify it, because there’s also a massive range of performance upgrades and cosmetic refinements which you can bolt on at your leisure with no penalty whatsoever to your warranty. Yes, you read that right, manufacturer endorsed performance upgrades which don’t affect your warranty. Told you these were insane.

So why not come to the shop and take a look. Just one glance is all it takes and the quality speaks for itself. And while you’re there why not take a look at the other bikes we have from the RIEJU range as well.

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MCN review of the Sinnis Trackstar
The Sinnis Trackstar 125 has been listed first in the small bikes category of MCN’s What Bike? Magazine. Quoting the price as it’s biggest selling point they go on to mention it’s looks and charm potential – especially to scooter riders.

Sinnis Trackstar 125

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You have to admit it is a good looking bike. A little small admittedly but I would have been more than happy to own one of these machines when I was 17 and as MCN say:

It’s easy to lean around corners, has a fantastically small turning circle… It’s extraordinarily light and manageable, making it good for the commuter, rookie and petite alike.

They go on to mention it’s lovely retro styling, with a cialis best price stitched brown seat and ‘pleasing’ little speedo before commenting on the quality which is really good for a budget bike. In fact Brighton-based Sinnis have enough faith in all of their products to offer a standard 24 month warranty with all the machines they produce…

Crazy what you can stumble across these days. Here’s a company offering a ‘Build Your Own Bike’ service. They get you to design it from the ground up and then they build it through to mock-up stage. Once it’s all ready all you need do is book your holiday in sunny Florida, pick up a spanner (sorry, wrench – it’s America after all) and set to on the final build! The world truly is your oyster viagra pills too. They do trikes, japs, harleys, anything. I don’t imagine they’re that cheap though and I dread to think what the import tax would be like to get it back here to the UK…

Still, the idea’s sound. What’s a mere technicality between bikers?

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Go check out their site Art in Motion

Someone took a secret phone picture of the new Moto Guzzi V7 Scrambler the other day and leaked it on the internet. Moto Guzzi responded by publishing some official pictures. So here it is, the new Moto Guzzi V7 Scrambler:

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Moto Guzzi V7 Scrambler

Official Image of the Moto Guzzi V7 Scrambler

Dunno. Looks to me like someone’s fed my old SS50 some steroids. I certainly don’t think BMW will be trembling at the prospect of this as online pharmacy viagra competition to their GS Adventurer, do you?

What an odd looking machine. Don’t you think?