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As bikers it’s occasionally necessary for us to park up our motorcycles and make use of four wheeled transport. Arguably not such a bad thing in mid-winter when it’s raining. As we are all painfully aware, a motorcycle offers absolutely no protection from the bitterly cold British rain drops which seem to soak straight through any Gortex or similar brand clothing that’s more than about a week old and seep right into our bones. We also sacrifice our freedom to weave steadily (or recklessly) through the wallowing herds of commuter-beasts and end up jammed in amongst the throng plodding our laborious way toward the metaphorical watering hole. Well, in the evening at least. It also gives us a chance to view some spectacularly stupid driving at first hand.

Last night for instance I was driving home and heard an ambulance behind me. Now if I’m riding my bike this doesn’t generally present much of an issue as I can easily just slip out of the way should the eager paramedic succeed in catching me up.. However as I was in my van I had to give the situation a little bit more thought, so taking in my surroundings as quickly as possible  I soon realised that the volume of traffic in my lane was far less than in the inside lane. So I indicated and pulled in between a couple of accommodating cars to my left, as did the cars directly in front and behind of me. So far so good, nice big empty lane for the ambulance to travel down… Or generic cialis online this would have been the case except that one enterprising ‘hole decided it would be best if he simply pulled over an inch or two toward the central barrier and stop. Just stop. Successfully blocking the entire – otherwise empty – lane!!??

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Let me just say something straight out to avoid any confusion. If there’s an emergency vehicle with it’s blue lights on and siren wailing coming up behind you KEEP GOING!! For goodness sake! Drive until you can find somewhere that is OUT OF THE WAY of the traffic – and indeed the ambulance – which is behind you. Why oh why do these morons which I am forced to share my valuable space and time with think that blue flashing lights mean stop? They don’t you imbeciles, they mean GET OUT OF THE WAY! Yes, that includes jumping red lights, mounting the pavement, pulling across and almost blocking a side road etc etc but it certainly *doesn’t* mean you should slam your bloody brakes on and block up the entire carriageway!! Nor does it mean you should half-heartedly pull onto the verge directly in front of other vehicles leaving them no space to get around you. Honestly. You people make my blood boil.