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2008 was Harley Davidson’s 105th anniversary. I’m not entirely sure when 105 years became a recognised milestone but the ever saturnalian Harley Davidson went the whole HOG and celebrated it with style. They organised a massive ride-out starting from 105 separate Harley dealerships across the states, all destined to culminate in Milwaukee for their anniversary celebration. Four whole days of non-stop events and music. And that wasn’t all. In 2008 they opened a museum dedicated to the history of the company and they also released a unique limited edition style pack for 14 models of their range.

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105th Anniversary Engine Detail

105th Anniversary Engine Detail

This 105th Anniversary style pack consisted of a striking copper and black colour scheme including copper plate detailing on parts of the engine, petrol tank etc, plus vinyl and stitching details to the upholstery. Then, if that wasn’t enough, the good ‘ol boys across the pond added something new.  This was the year Harley Davidson introduced its customers to advanced ABS… on Brembo disk brakes!

There was a problem though. Harley Davidson are well aware that their bikes are sold almost entirely on image. Everyone recognises the iconic exhaust note and the huge air-cooled V-Twin sillhouette so simply bolting a modern ABS mechanism onto the front of some of their flagship models was never really an option. So what did they do? They designed a brand new system from the ground up and then they hid it in the wheels! They then offered this as an option across the Anniversary range and as standard on the top of the range models including the COV Ultra Classic Electra Glide.

The 2007/8 Ultra Classic Electra Glide is an awesome machine. Granted it’s not to everybody’s taste and it’s never going to win in a race through town but it’s got more style than the Monaco Grand Prix and a power plant to match. At 1803cc, the V-Twin 110 is considerably larger than the standard UC Electra Glides ‘paltry’ 1583cc and pulls the half-tonne bike around without effort. Which is a bonus, because pushing it yourself  would prove to be a bit of a pain I’m sure.

What’s also worth a mention is I think Harley Davidson must contribute to at least 50% of the Global shares in rubber. You have never seen so many rubber mounts in your life but it does mean the engine can shake characteristically away in the frame without transferring any adverse vibrations to the drivers seat. Or indeed the pillions arm chair. This means long, even Epic, journeys are a joy not an issue.

Combine this comfort with a plethora of functions and features like Sat Nav, heated leather seats, gargantuan fitted luggage space plus a factory fitted stereo and you have a bike that competes head to head with another motorcycle icon, the Honda Goldwing. Then tramples it into the ground. If you truly want  a super-tourer this *has* to be the bike of choice. It has all the functionallity of its competitors but a truck load more style and street cred. After all it’s a Harley Davidson through and through but with brakes that work! Brilliant!

HD's 105th Anniversary Style Pack

HD's 105th Anniversary Style Pack

Oh and one final thing. Production of these machines began in 2007 and most of the 7000 produced were sold before the Anniversary year even started. So if you fancy one, keep your eyes peeled and good luck. They’re pretty rare, so you’ll need it generic levitra online 🙂

Fuel Capacity : 22.7 L
Oil Capacity : 3.8 L
Dry Weight : 391.9 kg

Engine : Air-cooled, Twin Cam 110®
Displacement : 1803 cm³
Bore x Stroke : 101.6 mm x 113.3 mm
Engine Torque : 156 nm @ 3000 rpm
Fuel System : Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Compression Ratio : 9.3:1
Primary Drive : Chain, 34/46 ratio