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Rare Honda Rune available at Fasttrack

Rare Honda Rune for sale at Fasttrack

If you’ve never met a Honda Rune before you’re in for a shock when you do. This is a bike that doesn’t ask for your attention it positively demands it. You really have never seen anything so big, so wide, so shiny. It’s insane. It’s what Judge Dredds Lawmaster would look like in the flesh, minus the gun and the thrusters.

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The amazing things about this bike is that it handles. Honda stuck all the heavy bits, like the battery, the engine and the coolant reservoir nice and low in the frame so the centre of gravity is also fairly low. This makes the bike beautifully balanced whilst your riding. And with a flat 6, 1800cc engine it doesn’t hang about either.

I’m not going to try and convince you that this is a buy viagra online match for a GSXR on the bends mind you, it is after all a Cruiser. But what a cruiser it is. The engine’s smooth as Galaxy chocolate, it’s comfortable all day long and the brakes work, unlike most Harley’s.

So why haven’t you seen one before? Because Honda in their infinite wisdom designed and built them for the American market and never imported them to Europe so the only models we have access to are the bikes that were imported individually by people who *really* wanted them.  So they don’t appear for sale very often. Go look on ebay, there’s *one* other at the time of writing and the asking price is £2k more!

If it hasn’t been sold by the time you’re reading this I advise you to get down the shop and take a look. Just for the sake of it. This is one incredible machine. You won’t be disappointed.

More chrome than an Autosol advert...

More chrome than an Autosol advert...