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Below is the official message received by all M.O.T testers (in ALL classes) country wide regarding pre-1960 MOT exemption…..

Item 3: Pre 1960 Exemption From MOT

From 18 November 2012 classic and historic vehicles, those manufactured before 1 January 1960, will be exempted from the MOT test.

Classic and historic vehicles are often very well maintained by their owners and have a much lower accident and MOT failure rate than newer vehicles. The current requirement to undergo an MOT test goes over and above the obligations set out in European legislation. Following a public consultation which showed high levels of support for the proposals, vehicles manufactured before 1960 will be exempted from the MOT test from 18 November 2012 reducing costs for owners.

Owners of affected vehicles will still be able to take exempt vehicles for an MOT test on a voluntary basis. If you are presented with any of these vehicles you should continue to conduct the test as for any other vehicle and apply the appropriate pass/fail criteria as set out in the inspection manuals.

Hi all! Being an M.O.T tester myself, this subject has had my attention since i first heard about it and so far there have been mixed opinions as to whether it is good or bad.

Firstly lets start with some facts….. As from the 18th November 2012, the U.K government will be introducing an MOT exemption, for pre-1960 vehicles… Basically this means if you own a vehicle that is registered before 1960, you won’t have to MOT it, at all!!

However, this doesn’t make it acceptable or indeed LEGAL to drive/ride this vehicle on the road as normal road laws will still apply and the vehicle will need to be roadworthy. A good example of this is in current law, an odometer or speedo is not  covered by the MOT test, and although a vehicle would pass its MOT without a working speedo, it is classed as a civil offence and enforceable by the police, ergo ( i love that word!) an MOT exempt vehicle with bold tyres would still be illegal to drive/ride on the road despite not requiring an MOT!

The biggest problem with this is an MOT is there to ensure that vehicles are road worthy and safe. You would then assume that this would then mean our roads will have “dangerous old rust buckets” driving around. That is a quite an extreme view as being an MOT tester myself, and a busy one at that, i get to see a whole array of various motorcycles from pre-reg World War II British bikes still with original camo paint,  to tricked out 200mph Hayabusa’s and Grand Touring BMW’s with more gadgets than an Apple store! I very rarely fail a classic motorcycle on its MOT, this is generally because the owners take a lot of care over there motorcycles and take a lot of pride in them! In actual fact it’s 3 year old cheap Chinese “build your own” scooters and abused 125’s in the hands of teenagers that make up most of the fails.

On the flip side of this, not MOT testing pre-1960 vehicles may leave a large margin for error and allow those few vehicles of that age that aren’t roadworthy to potentially cause accidents. Is the governments initiative to cut red tape and costs sacrificing our safety?

The official government review can be found here..…/mot-historic-summary-consultation-response.pdf

I think you will find this informative.

Yours opinions on this matter would be appreciated