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Things To Do

What do you get if you mix a group of gorgeous feisty young women, roller skates and a whole heap of adrenaline? You get the Dolly Rockit Rollers! Leicester’s first and only roller derby team.

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We’re a big supporter of these ladies, they’ve only been together for just over a year but are already taking the UK and now xenical slimming pill the world in seems by storm. They recently announced that two of their team members will be travelling to Canada for the first ever Roller Derby World Cup! One playing for England and one for Ireland, which is huge deal!

If you don’t know much or anything about roller derby, in a nutshell:

Girls only.
It is a game played on roller skates on an oval track.
Two teams.
The two teams each send five players onto the track.
One jammer (scorer) and four blockers (defense), one of which counts as a pivot.
The jammer must legally pass all opposing blockers, the blockers try to stop the jammers from scoring.

It all sounds a bit confusing, but trust me, these girls are fearless, fast and full of energy!

Check out their promo vid below!

The Fasstrack Team are all going down to support these lovely ladies in their next battle, against the Hot Wheel Roller Derby called Club Tropicarnage! Come down and show your support and do something completely different with you Saturday afternoon, on September 10th at 1pm.

Love rock music? Love bikes? Then I think you’ll love this festival…

The ‘Rock and Bike Festival’ is moving to its new home this summer, Leicestershire! Over the years this festival has got bigger and bigger and now sees itself spread over three days in the amazing setting of Stamford Hall. It’s set to get going on the 14th July this year where you camp and party until Sunday 16th.

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As the name suggests it’s jammed pack full of musical treats, with over twenty acts playing over the weekend. The festival has mainly local bands and artists playing covering a whole variety of genres so there’s something for everyone. As well as David Bowie, Prodigy viagra prices and Black Sabbath, but only in tribute form I’m afraid but that’s good enough for me as the tickets are so darn cheap! £40 for the whole three days and that’s including camping tickets!! Which is an absolute steal compared to so many festivals nowadays.

So what about the bikes? Throughout the weekend there’s loads of stuff going on, competitions where you can get involved, bike shows including custom, trike, classic, American and British bikes and everything in-between and no doubt bikes all over the place for you to drawl over!

Can’t leave the kids with your mum all weekend? Do not fear, this is a really kid friendly festival with lots of day time entertainment, kid friendly rides and even some face painting!

If that’s not all enough, why not get in the spirit and join in with this years dressing up theme, pirates!

Ahoy me mateys, see ya’ll in the mosh pit!

Whenever I go on my summer holidays, I can guarantee that I will hire a moped for a few days. Where ever that might be, Barcelona, Ibiza, Thailand and in a few weeks Croatia. I always opt for a bike over a viagra without prescription car, it’s cheaper, more fun and it’s usually in the sun, which you just cannot beat, riding in the sun! It’s a great way of seeing the sights and having fun along the way. So whilst I was searching for moped hire companies in Croatia, I wondered if there were holidays which were purely ‘motorbike holidays’ I know people often go on holiday on their bikes, but are there holidays for bikers? maybe a biker hotels? Biker retreats? Biker beaches! Time for some investigation…

First thing I realise is when I type in ‘Motorbike Holiday’ into Google, YES there are lots of motorbike holidays available, LOTS! Hundreds of websites catering to every kind of bike enthusiast out there and to any kind of ability. From the UK to Germany, from Germany to Thailand, from Thailand to Middle America. There is a holiday destination for everyone, from riding through the mountains in Northern Thailand stopping off at temples and riding elephants to biking through the deserts of Arizona on your Harley stopping of at incredible places such as the Grand Canyon. I’m totally amazed how many options there are, how would you ever decide?

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A lot of these motorbike holidays are guided, where everything is pre-planned for you, where you’ll eat, sleep and ride, where you’ll stop to take the views in and visit attractions. On many of them you seem to be able to have input of where you’d like to ride and visit. Having done a guided tour on a coach several times (I was with my Grandma!) I can safely say doing it on a bike definitely sounds like the better option. No sitting on a stuffy hot coach, obscured views of the scenery and that winging kid sat behind me kicking my chair! The only problem I have is, I’m not sure my Grandma would get on the back of my bike…

Another option is doing a self-guided bike tour of a country of your choice. It seems that these companies offer you a ‘kit’ for your holiday usually including country maps with routes or rough guides, a trusty SatNav, hotel reservations pre made for you and often meals are provided too at various stop off points. Again I am totally sold on this experience, it sounds and looks like such an amazing way to do some travelling across country. And without it being guided, you’re free to go at your own pace stopping off exactly when and where you like.

The motorbike holiday world offers so many options, on road, off road, dual terrain anything goes really. Off road holidays look like massive amounts of fun, not so much about taking in the scenery and visiting places of culture. It’s more about find some seriously amazing terrain, challenge yourself and get the heart racing,

I also think it’s a great way to get to ride a fantastic varietyof bikes, usually all top range and kept in great condition, maybe you cant afford that Harley Davidson or can’t justify the KTM because you don’t have enough time to ride it. This is the perfect opportunity to get to ride it for a week or more.

Ok, so I don’t have my full licence quite yet, but I definitely think it’s a holiday to consider in the future!

Stuck for something to do this weekend? Need something exciting to get the heart racing a bit?

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I suggest getting yourselves down to see some motocross action. There are all sorts of events going on up and down the country all year long. This weekend sees some motocross madness in the shape of the Bolddog FMX Team showing us some of their dare devil stunts.

Expect to see stuff like this    >>>

This weekend it’s all kicking off at the Three Counties Showground for three days of motocross and more.

Just looking at some of stuff these guys do gets cheap cialis canada my heart racing! I definitely want to try and get to see it in the flesh soon!