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T's & C's

Our Standard Warranty

Every motorcycle we sell is covered by our standard 3 month or 1000 mile warranty. We make thorough checks of every vehicle we put in our showroom but occasionally things do go wrong. So in the unlikely event that you find something mechanically wrong with any bike sold by us within 3 months or 1000 miles or purchase please just pick up the phone and call us. We will do everything we can to assist you. We genuinely want to help - our business is built on word of mouth recommendation and satisfied customers.

Used Motorcycle Warranty - Terms & Conditions

1. The Fasttrack Used Motorcycle Warranty:

  1. will automatically apply to any motorcycle which is purchased from our premises unless an exemption is agreed prior to sale between yourself and Fasttrack Motorcycles.
  2. is a warranty against mechanical or electrical failure and does not cover serviceable or consumable items such as brake pads, cables, clutch, chain & sprockets etc.
  3. does not cover the cost of vehicle recovery and it is the responsibility of the owner to arrange delivery of the bike to our premises in order to facilitate repairs under the warranty.
  4. does not transfer upon sale of the bike to another person or business.

2. In order to keep your warranty valid you must:

  1. keep all serviceable items up to a satisfactory standard to prevent unnecessary deterioration of related components. In other words we will not accept responsibility for a scored brake disk when it could easily have been prevented by replacing worn brake pads or for problems caused by worn or dry chains or sprockets failing etc. We will advise you of any potential hazards at each service and offer recommendations.
  2. bring your bike to us for an inspection following an accident so that we can inspect it for potential issues and advise if anything needs adjusting or replacing that could lead to complications further down the line.

3. Exemptions. We will not cover:

  1. accidental damage of any kind.
  2. damage caused by racing, wheelies or burnouts etc.
  3. damage caused by failing to follow the terms of part 2 of the warranty above.
  4. collateral damage caused by failure of a warranted part.

4. Components covered under this warranty:

  • ENGINE - Cylinder head, all internal bushes, camshafts and followers, cylinder bores, crankshaft and bearings, cylinder block or barrels crankcase assembly, cylinder head gasket, push rods, gudgeon pins, connecting rods and bearings, flywheel, oil pump, tappet gear, pistons and rings, timing gears, chain and belts (breakage only), valves and guides (except burnt out valves, de-carbonising and reseating). Two stroke power valve assemblies.
  • GEARBOX - Manual and automatic, internal breakdown of any mechanical parts, including gears, selector shafts and forks, bearings and bushes.
  • COOLING SYSTEM - Water pump, thermostat, thermostat housing, radiator, oil cooler, fan, (excepting belts, all ancillaries and damage caused by impact or frost).
  • SWING ARM UNIT - All bushes and components within the swing arm unit (but not dampers).
  • CLUTCH - Mechanical breakdown, not wear and tear.
  • INSTRUMENTS - Speedometer head, (mechanical failure only).
  • ELECTRICAL - Starter motor, alternator/generator, rectifier excluding external wires and terminals.
  • IGNITION - C.D.I. unit.
  • FINAL DRIVE UNIT - Driveshafts, universal joints, bearings and gears, (excluding chains, belts, sprockets and rubber couplings).
  • SUSPENSION - Rear suspension unit, loss of fluid, pressure or mechanical breakdown of the suspension joint.
  • FRONT TELESCOPIC FORKS - Loss of fluid, pressure or mechanical breakdown of the suspension spring.
  • BRAKES - Brake master cylinder and calipers including internal components, pistons, seals (excluding corrosion or wear and tear).
  • CASINGS - Covered if they have been damaged by the breakdown of one of the parts covered.
  • FRAME/EXHAUST SYSTEM - Failure of a structural member unless caused by impact or corrosion.
  • OIL LEAKS - Leaks that require the removal of the engine, gearbox or final drive in order to effect a repair.