the mot low down

Are you due a MOT soon? Have you ever wondered why your motorbike has to have an MOT? Or what’s involved in the motorcycle MOT test? It came to our attention that a lot of you out there were quite confused at what happened when you had an MOT on your bike or just had some questions regarding their MOT.

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So we decided to do something about it, being the leading motorcycle MOT centre in Leicester means we know a thing or two and we’d like to share!

We have a brand new section on our website dedicated to motorcycle MOTs. It’s easy to navigate and makes understanding MOTs easy. Whether you want to know how often you should have your MOT, what you should be checking on your motorbike before your MOT and on a regular basis if you want to be riding a safe bike and any other information we think you need to know.

We’ve got a really useful check list for you to go through before you come in, from tips on what you should be looking for on your lights and signals; it sounds simple but make sure they all work! There’s nothing more frustrating than failing your MOT test on something as simple as changing a bulb. We also give you some great advice on checking your brakes, tyres and anything else we check whilst performing your MOT test.

We’ve also got an option for you to ask any questions you might have about your up coming MOT or any other questions you have about our cheap generic viagra online bikes, services or just general info. We’re always happy to give you some free friendly advice.

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