X-Fighters – Dubai

 The weathers turning, it’s getting cold outside and the nights are already getting darker. So what better way to spend to spend an evening curled up of the sofa and in front of the TV. But last nights TV wasn’t watching Deirdre on Coronation Street or the Mitchell’s in the East End. Oh no, this was something a lot more exciting, me and brother watched the Redbull X-Fighters competition in Dubai.

 As you might expect with Dubai, the land of man made islands, not just an indoor ski slope but an indoor ski mountain and a whole heap of over the top extreme luxuries for the richer man. So with this, the bike course, was a spectacle in itself, built on Jumeirah Beach in front of huge towering buildings, it looked incredible, especially as the competition was at night, it would have been amazing to be there.

As a family we used to go and watch a fair bit of Supermoto and Motocross, but never quite on this scale. I suppose that’s what the collaboration of Redbull does for you, look at all these extreme sports now linked with Redbull, snow sports, water sports, car racing, aeroplane racing, you name it and Redbull has turned it into a world wide success and popular with the masses.

 It’s been a few years since going to watch any live action and a good while since watching anything on TV. I had completely forgotten just how amazing these guys are. I was in absolute awe last night, these guys don’t just ride bikes, they are like trained gymnasts, twisting and turning, getting into crazy positions and they just so happen to have motorbike flying through the air with them!!

The idea of speeding up a steep ramp, taking off and then letting go of your bike mid air whilst superman-ing behind it just seems absolutely alien to me. But they all seemed to do it as if it were the easiest and most normal thing to do! Amazing. It has totally got me excited to go and see some of this stuff live again. I just need to find somewhere now, as I don’t think I can afford the flight over to Brazil where the next Redbull X-Fighters is going to be held!


If didn’t get over to Dubai or just missed it on TV last night, here’s a bit of what you missed.


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