Nathan at Nurburgring

A 12.9 mile professional race track? A German public road? A rich boys playground? An average man’s dream? Fun fuelled weekend? Dangerous idea?

Nurburgring is all of the above.

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Nurburgring is arguably the worlds most famous 12.9 stretch of road. The track has been in use since the late 1920s where the first German Grand Prix took place. As well as professional races being held, this track was opened to the public during the evenings and weekends. Not much has changed since then, Grand Prixs no longer take place there, instead it has become the place to test drive brand new cars, no doubt you’ve seen Jeremy Clarkson or the like doing their ‘job’ showing us the latest cars on the track. Not only this but the Average Joe can still go there drive or ride their own vehicles.

Nathan (the boss) here at Fasttrack has just had the pleasure of doing just that, spending a weekend at the world famous track in his Audi 4.2 V8 S4 4 wheeled drive. Catching the ferry from Dover Thursday night and landing in Dunkirk. Stopping in a hotel in Dunkirk, got a good nights sleep and then early morning headed up to North Germany for a five hour plus journey, the drive up there was a treat in itself. Driving on Germany’s autobahns are renowned for being bale to travel at very high speeds unlike our British 70mph motorways. Both Nathan and friend Sean had a good few blasts on the autobahns to get in the mood for tomorrows track day track.

Arriving at Nurburgring was incredible, there was fifty+ bikes, an amazing array of cars from 1940s Italian Exotica to the modern day Lamborghini’s. This is a rich boys playground!

Nathan and Sean, over two days completed eight laps each, it doesn’t sound a lot, but it was definitely enough to get the heart racing. When I asked Nathan to describe how it felt, he fell silent for a minute with a huge grin on his face “AWESOME!” was the first thing he said, but the grin said a 1000 words. “Being able to do a four wheeled slide round an open corner at 120mph was just incredible, then followed by a series of left and right turns” there’s that grin again!

“It’s just like nothing else, being able to use my car to its full engine power, something you couldn’t do in the UK because of the road surfaces”

Just one day after Nathan was there it was reported on the MCN website that there was a huge crash at Nurburgring.

I asked Nathan legal viagra if he ever felt in danger whilst driving round “Yeah you feel that it is slightly dangerous, as there are so many faster cars than yourself and more dangerously people that are just trying too hard and pushing themselves more than they are capable of. I found myself having to move over and let people by” So the moral of the story is, don’t try and push yourself to hard, know your limits, boys showing off usually ends in tears.

So would he do it all again but on a bike this time? There was hesitation “When I’m riding a bike, I have to be going fast for a thrill, to go fast I need to know the track, what twists and turns are coming up next and what to expect after the turn. There’s no way I could learn the track in such a small amount of time”

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