don’t say the ‘c’ word

I know you don’t want to hear this, and to be honest I don’t want to say it myself but it’s a fact of life, Christmas is just around the corner! I know it’s a scary thought but it’s only 71 days away!! Arggh!

But do not fear, here at Fasttrack we can make life easier! We have a new area in our showroom that will be the answer to your Christmas shopping prayers and even if you aren’t thinking about Christmas yet, here is a perfect opportunity for a well deserved treat to ones self!

We are now stocking a really good range of motorcycle accessories from tank pads to neck warmers from bike locks to tax disc holders from anti fog visors to arrow indicators. All at really good prices that won’t break the bank!

We have loads of perfect stocking fillers for all you bike enthusiasts out there and while you’re buying you’re beloved a new balaclava for the chilly winter riding, why not treat yourself to new shiny bike?!

Christmas or No Christmas, it really is a great new edition to our shop, and in the not too distant future you will able to shop within the comfort of your own home, as we will having our very own online shop on our website! Keep your eyes peeled!

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