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Original Hesketh V1000 Motorcycle

New & unregistered original Hesketh V1000

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An original 1983 Hesketh V1000 Motorcycle. Now there’s something you don’t see every day. Let me rephrase that. There’s something you don’t see *any* day. At least most of us don’t. And this one has never even been registered and only has 14 miles on the clock!?!

For those of you who are wondering what on earth I’m talking about, the Hesketh motorcycle brand was the brainchild of one Lord Hesketh, the owner of the last ever privately owned F1 team to win a Grand Prix – according to Wikipedia. Hesketh’s vision was to rebuild the once great British Motorcycle Industry with a hand-built and home-engineered motorcycle of his own design. So in 1982, after two years of development, he self-financed a purpose built factory and commenced the first run of the Hesketh V1000. Unfortunately the factory was destined to fail and after several issues with reliability, manufacture of the bike finally ceased with only 139 ever being built.

But the story doesn’t end there. In 1983 Lord Hesketh, refusing to be beaten, opened a new factory with a new brand name; Hesleydon Ltd. This new company developed a slightly modified version of the V1000 called the Vampire with an oil cooler to the rear and a full fairing. They built a total of 40 before also going into receivership.

Crest of Hesketh Motorcycles Ltd

Hesketh Motorcycles Ltd

This particular bike was sold in 1983 by Hesleydon Ltd. It’s not a Vampire, it a V1000. Whether or not Hesleyon Ltd manufactured it or if it’s one of the original run of 139 built by the Hesketh factory and inherited by Hesleydon who just sold it on is open to debate. And if someone with greater knowledge on the subject than me can answer the question, please do leave a comment and let me know.

Hesketh V1000 V-Twin engine close-up

4 valves per head and an OHC in 1982!

Either way it’s now back on the market and ready to be enjoyed by visitors to Fasttrack Motorcycles for a little while at least. Complete with original tool kit, warranty order viagra sheets, owners handbook and V55 registration form, this unique piece or British motorcycle history is open to sensible offers. Serious offers only please. Contact the shop if you’re interested.

6 Responses to Hesketh V1000 Motorcycle For Sale

  • Frank Slowey said:

    I was at one time the dealer for Hesketh bikes in Moray & Inverness Shire. Lord Hesketh even came as a guest to our opening. I still have a Hesketh V1000 Red. I think it has done approx 265mls from new. When we closed our bike shps down in 1984 this one was not sold and I simply kept it all this time. At this date I have it on display in a local motor museum. Its in VGC. If its of interest let me know.


  • Paul McAtamney said:

    Is the Hesketh still for sale?
    Cheers Paul

  • sarafiel said:

    Thank you for the heads-up Dave, helps a lot. The engine is stamped with a BHV1000 number which means it’s a Hesleydon build and in which case a genuine 1983 bike.
    Blue is part of the standard colours you might expect from an exhaust heat-cycle isn’t it?

  • Dave Hartell said:

    Bikes from original Hesketh factory at Daventry have engine numbers stamped on top of crankcase in the range 050 to 212. If it’s a Hesleydon build then the engine number will be on the front engine lug and will be BHV1000…. (See Broom Development Engineering or Hesketh Owners Club websites)
    Important thing for Daventry build bikes is to have the modifications developed by Hesleydon to correct the production faults – the so called EN10 mods (Easton Neston 10 modifications).
    One of the major mods of EN10 is a re-working of the oil flow system and the good news is that this bike appears to have the EN10 mods as evidenced by the external oil feeds to the cylinder heads.
    Rear exhaust pipe looks very blue.
    With EN10 mods and once run in, the engines are bullet proof.
    Contact Mick Broom at Broom Devlopment Engineering or Hesketh Owners club for more Hesketh information.
    Dave H (secretary Hesketh Owners Club)

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