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here comes the spring

I’m sitting here all wrapped up like Boris Karloff in an Egyptian tomb trying desperately to stay warm and yet sunlight is streaming through the window from a picture-postcard blue sky and I hear the sound of bikes roaring past my window. Lots of bikes. It’s all a bit disconcerting to be honest. My body’s telling me it’s freezing and yet my eyes and ears tell me it’s a lovely sunny day…

It’s the sound of motorbikes which confuses me the most. Though it really shouldn’t. I’ve never been one to leave my bike in the garage just because it’s a bit chilly, heck I’ve ridden to work in the snow only to stop and find I couldn’t walk across the car park it was so icy and another time I caught hypothermia and almost died trying to visit my Mum in the middle of winter. In Yorkshire. So why does it surprise me to hear bikers riding past my window?

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Because the majority of us think of winter as the domain of the car. We wrap our pride and joy up in the garage, plug in the Optimate and dream of the summer. And why do we do this? Because winter means cold. Winter buy discount cialis means snow. And Winter means salty, wet roads. The bikes which do venture out are often cheap winter hacks. Old ‘crossers, ratty 400’s or hard core mopeds, and it changes the sound of the traffic.

In the last few weeks however I’ve been hearing the return of the four cylinder roar and the bark of the throaty twins. Take a look around you if you’re stuck on a bus in the morning or caught up in traffic in your warm little tin box. There’s more and more of us taking to the roads and it bodes well for the Summer. It seems some of us feel that the Winter has already past and well, what can I say? Here comes the Spring!