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Honda Firestorm

Revolution UK ST1 tuned Honda VTR1000 Firestorm for sale

ST1 tuned Honda Firestorm

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This bike has raised a few eyebrows in the shop, and more than a few front wheels outside. More recently it has raised a couple of questions which I am going to try and answer here.

This power horse started life as a bog standard 1997 VTR1000 Honda V-Twin Firestorm, which is a mean enough beast to begin with believe me. In fact my main ride is a ’98 model and she eats motorway miles like you wouldn’t believe with sufficient braking to satisfy our countries yellow gatso’s… Cornering’s rather better than you might expect as well, though you do have to use a fair bit of effort to settle her into a bend after hard braking, which is why, I guess, this particular bike ended up at tuning specialists Revolution UK for a suspension tune and upgrade in September 2000.

Revolution fitted new fork internals and a Penske rear shock. Handling sorted.

But that wasn’t enough. Honda’s standard socket-busting accelaration wasn’t enough. The owner wanted more. So in 2001 and after about 25 000 standard miles she returned to Revolution UK for a canadian viagra generic Stage 1 engine tune : with gas-flowed heads, Moriwaki ST1 Cams, K & N filters and a complete Moriwaki exhaust system fitted she now blasts out more than 115bhp@8500rpm…

This is not a bike for the faint hearted. If, on the other hand, you enjoy pulling off with a smoking rear tyre squirming underneath you as you stare at the sky, front wheel grabbing at the air in an effort to touch the Almighty, then it *is* for you.



VTR Dyno Test Torque:RPM

VTR Dyno Test Torque:RPM