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A Motorcycle mechanic was removing a cylinder head from one of the bikes at his shop when a well-known heart surgeon pulled in.  The service manager told the surgeon to have a seat & he would be right with him.  The surgeon sat down in one of the chairs and watched the mechanic work.  The mechanic noticing the surgeon’s gaze shouted across the garage, “Hey Doc, can I ask you a question?” The surgeon walked over to the mechanic working on the motorcycle and said “Sure, what can I do for you?”  The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, “Look at this bike. I open its ‘heart’, the engine.  I take the valves out, fix ’em and put ’em back in.  When I’m finished, they purr just like when they were brand new.  What I want to know is: When you and I are essentially doing the same thing, we’re both mechanics, why do I get such a measly salary and you get big salary and company car?”

The surgeon paused, smiled, leaned over and whispered to the mechanic, “Next time, try doing it with the engine running.”