Nathan at Nurburgring

A 12.9 mile professional race track? A German public road? A rich boys playground? An average man’s dream? Fun fuelled weekend? Dangerous idea? Nurburgring is all of the above. online canadian pharmacy levitra Nurburgring is arguably the worlds most famous 12.9 stretch of road. The track has been in use since the late 1920s where… Continue reading Nathan at Nurburgring

X-Fighters – Dubai

┬áThe weathers turning, it’s getting cold outside and the nights are already getting darker. So what better way to spend to spend an evening curled up of the sofa and in front of the TV. But last nights TV wasn’t watching Deirdre on Coronation Street or the Mitchell’s in the East End. Oh no, this… Continue reading X-Fighters – Dubai

the mot low down

Are you due a MOT soon? Have you ever wondered why your motorbike has to have an MOT? Or what’s involved in the motorcycle MOT test? It came to our attention that a lot of you out there were quite confused at what happened when you had an MOT on your bike or just had… Continue reading the mot low down