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Fresh off the Pallet are 2 new additions to our Sinnis range! The RetroStar 125 and Cafe 125 really caught our eye when they first arrived. The sales staff left their computers, the workshop downed tools and we even had some customers join us as we all huddled round for the first view.

We have always prided ourselves in keeping as wide a range as possible in our showroom, everything ranging from old skool classics, 200 mph sports bikes, tourers, sport tourers through to big cruisers with all the chrome.

Our brand new Sinnis models have been an excellent addition to this wide range with just one style missing…. A retro, classic-styled machine. But not any more! Now we have not just one, but two retro bikes sitting in place in our showroom.

SINNIS RetroStar 125

SINNIS RetroStar 125 For Sale

First up is the RetroStar 125. With styling reminiscent of a Triumph Bonneville, the RetroStar uses the bulletproof Sinnis 125 2V A/C engine used in the rest of their bikes. The classic seat design and exhaust system with the spoked chrome wheels give the RetroStar a great retro feel.

SINNIS Cafe 125

SINNIS Cafe 125 For Sale

Second up we have the Sinnis Cafe 125. As the name suggests, the style is based around a 1960’s cafe racer, with raised “aerodynamic” seat, drop-down handle bars and a conicle exhaust. The Cafe boasts the same engine as the rest of the Sinnis range plus chrome spoked wheels and like all of the Sinnis range, two years warranty!

Both motorcycles are just £1649 OTR. A great price for two great looking bikes!

I know you don’t want to hear this, and to be honest I don’t want to say it myself but it’s a fact of life, Christmas is just around the corner! I know it’s a scary thought but it’s only 71 days away!! Arggh!

But do not fear, here at Fasttrack we can make life easier! We have a new area in our showroom that will be the answer to your Christmas shopping prayers and even if you aren’t thinking about Christmas yet, here is a perfect opportunity for a well deserved treat to ones self!

We are now stocking a really good range of motorcycle accessories from tank pads to neck warmers from bike locks to tax disc holders from anti fog visors to arrow indicators. All at really good prices that won’t break the bank!

We have loads of perfect stocking fillers for all you bike enthusiasts out there and while you’re buying you’re beloved a new balaclava for the chilly winter riding, why not treat yourself to new shiny bike?!

Christmas or No Christmas, it really is a great new edition to our shop, and in the not too distant future you will able to shop within the comfort of your own home, as we will having our very own online shop on our website! Keep your eyes peeled!

A 12.9 mile professional race track? A German public road? A rich boys playground? An average man’s dream? Fun fuelled weekend? Dangerous idea?

Nurburgring is all of the above.

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Nurburgring is arguably the worlds most famous 12.9 stretch of road. The track has been in use since the late 1920s where the first German Grand Prix took place. As well as professional races being held, this track was opened to the public during the evenings and weekends. Not much has changed since then, Grand Prixs no longer take place there, instead it has become the place to test drive brand new cars, no doubt you’ve seen Jeremy Clarkson or the like doing their ‘job’ showing us the latest cars on the track. Not only this but the Average Joe can still go there drive or ride their own vehicles.

Nathan (the boss) here at Fasttrack has just had the pleasure of doing just that, spending a weekend at the world famous track in his Audi 4.2 V8 S4 4 wheeled drive. Catching the ferry from Dover Thursday night and landing in Dunkirk. Stopping in a hotel in Dunkirk, got a good nights sleep and then early morning headed up to North Germany for a five hour plus journey, the drive up there was a treat in itself. Driving on Germany’s autobahns are renowned for being bale to travel at very high speeds unlike our British 70mph motorways. Both Nathan and friend Sean had a good few blasts on the autobahns to get in the mood for tomorrows track day track.

Arriving at Nurburgring was incredible, there was fifty+ bikes, an amazing array of cars from 1940s Italian Exotica to the modern day Lamborghini’s. This is a rich boys playground!

Nathan and Sean, over two days completed eight laps each, it doesn’t sound a lot, but it was definitely enough to get the heart racing. When I asked Nathan to describe how it felt, he fell silent for a minute with a huge grin on his face “AWESOME!” was the first thing he said, but the grin said a 1000 words. “Being able to do a four wheeled slide round an open corner at 120mph was just incredible, then followed by a series of left and right turns” there’s that grin again!

“It’s just like nothing else, being able to use my car to its full engine power, something you couldn’t do in the UK because of the road surfaces”

Just one day after Nathan was there it was reported on the MCN website that there was a huge crash at Nurburgring.

I asked Nathan legal viagra if he ever felt in danger whilst driving round “Yeah you feel that it is slightly dangerous, as there are so many faster cars than yourself and more dangerously people that are just trying too hard and pushing themselves more than they are capable of. I found myself having to move over and let people by” So the moral of the story is, don’t try and push yourself to hard, know your limits, boys showing off usually ends in tears.

So would he do it all again but on a bike this time? There was hesitation “When I’m riding a bike, I have to be going fast for a thrill, to go fast I need to know the track, what twists and turns are coming up next and what to expect after the turn. There’s no way I could learn the track in such a small amount of time”

 The weathers turning, it’s getting cold outside and the nights are already getting darker. So what better way to spend to spend an evening curled up of the sofa and in front of the TV. But last nights TV wasn’t watching Deirdre on Coronation Street or the Mitchell’s in the East End. Oh no, this was something a lot more exciting, me and brother watched the Redbull X-Fighters competition in Dubai.

 As you might expect with Dubai, the land of man made islands, not just an indoor ski slope but an indoor ski mountain and a whole heap of over the top extreme luxuries for the richer man. So with this, the bike course, was a spectacle in itself, built on Jumeirah Beach in front of huge towering buildings, it looked incredible, especially as the competition was at night, it would have been amazing to be there.

As a family we used to go and watch a fair bit of Supermoto and Motocross, but never quite on this scale. I suppose that’s what the collaboration of Redbull does for you, look at all these extreme sports now linked with Redbull, snow sports, water sports, car racing, aeroplane racing, you name it and Redbull has turned it into a world wide success and popular with the masses.

 It’s been a few years since going to watch any live action and a good while since watching anything on TV. I had completely forgotten just how amazing these guys are. I was in absolute awe last night, these guys don’t just ride bikes, they are like trained gymnasts, twisting and turning, getting into crazy positions and they just so happen to have motorbike flying through the air with them!!

The idea of speeding up a steep ramp, taking off and then letting go of your bike mid air whilst superman-ing behind it just seems absolutely alien to me. But they all seemed to do it as if it were the easiest and most normal thing to do! Amazing. It has totally got me excited to go and see some of this stuff live again. I just need to find somewhere now, as I don’t think I can afford the flight over to Brazil where the next Redbull X-Fighters is going to be held!


If didn’t get over to Dubai or just missed it on TV last night, here’s a bit of what you missed.


Are you due a MOT soon? Have you ever wondered why your motorbike has to have an MOT? Or what’s involved in the motorcycle MOT test? It came to our attention that a lot of you out there were quite confused at what happened when you had an MOT on your bike or just had some questions regarding their MOT.

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So we decided to do something about it, being the leading motorcycle MOT centre in Leicester means we know a thing or two and we’d like to share!

We have a brand new section on our website dedicated to motorcycle MOTs. It’s easy to navigate and makes understanding MOTs easy. Whether you want to know how often you should have your MOT, what you should be checking on your motorbike before your MOT and on a regular basis if you want to be riding a safe bike and any other information we think you need to know.

We’ve got a really useful check list for you to go through before you come in, from tips on what you should be looking for on your lights and signals; it sounds simple but make sure they all work! There’s nothing more frustrating than failing your MOT test on something as simple as changing a bulb. We also give you some great advice on checking your brakes, tyres and anything else we check whilst performing your MOT test.

We’ve also got an option for you to ask any questions you might have about your up coming MOT or any other questions you have about our cheap generic viagra online bikes, services or just general info. We’re always happy to give you some free friendly advice.