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Fuel & Exhaust Systems

MOT checks for motorcycle fuel and exhaust systems are divided into just two sections. Please click one of the links below to skip to the section of interest.

exhaust system :: fuel system

Exhaust System

  • Your bikes exhaust system must be complete and in a good state of repair
  • All mounts must be present, unbroken and fully support the system

Reasons for your motorcycle exhaust system failing it’s motorcycle MOT

  • The silencer is marked ‘NOT FOR ROAD USE’
  • The silencer is marked ‘TRACK USE ONLY’
  • The exhaust is, in the motorcycle MOT test technicians’s opinion, significantly louder than the standard

Fuel System

  • Your bike’s entire fuel system must be secure and free from leaks
  • All mounts must be present, unbroken and fully support the system
  • The fuel tank cap must be present and fasten securely
  • Other reasons for your motorcycle’s fuel system failing it’s motorcycle MOT

    • Deteriorated or missing sealing washer on the fuel tank cap
    • A leaking fuel tank cap
    • Any fuel leak which occurs under normal operating conditions of the motorcycle

10 questions on "Fuel & Exhaust Systems"

  1. Mike Redmond says:

    Hi is it legall for me to make my own exhaust for my 1955 Ariel colt motorbike ? Or is it governed by decibel noise law. Thanks

    1. fasttrack says:

      Hi Mike,
      There are no noise emissions, it is down to the testers discretion.

  2. Bob says:

    I have a Triumph Daytona 675 coming over from the United States to the UK. I’m coming over for work so there IS ACTUALLY a chance I can ride more than 6 months on my US plates, and I believe no inspection needed. They also might force me to use form 104A and MOT the bike…. As I sit now I have time to adjust or modify everything, but the bike is in Race trim. It’s registered, plated and I have the title here in the US. Clearly I need to add a horn, but I have a few questions about other equipment.
    TAIL/SIGNALS- I have customized an R&G tail tidy to include yellow turn signals to the left and right of the brake light, which is all installed under the silencer, I have a Krator Brake light/plate light above the plate. I have the option of adding an OEM tail and brake light before I go, but do I need turn signals on the front of the bike too?
    EXHAUST- Arrow Slip-on- Should not be marked for off road use- probably fine
    MIRRORS- I have bar end mirrors and OEM in my garage- Are bar ends legal?
    HEADLIGHTS- In a similar location to where the 2017 Yamaha R1 has it’s lights, I’ve custom mounted Denali D2 LED driving lights. They have high and low beam function operated by the OEM switch. This is ideal, as I can easily adjust angle and go from RACE to STREET trim. Alternatively- I also can mount the OEM bodywork and headlights- then adjust them for proper UK dip. I am trying to avoid risking my expensive OEM bodywork.
    BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH- I would need to add a pressure sensor in the rear- My rearsets do not have a light sensor in them, but the front RSC-19 master cylinder does.

    Sorry for the long post. appreciate any feedback as to whether or not it seems like I could pass the MOT

    1. fasttrack says:

      if you are planning on keeping the bike on race trim all you need is a constant tone horn and a rear reflector. If you are going for the full MOT then you will need indicators at the front and rear, they have to be orange and separate from the brake light. The Arrow exhaust is fine as long as its not marked for off road use. The bar end mirrors are completely fine. The headlight needs to be the UK spec headlight with the correct beam pattern for the UK. And yes the back brake pedal would need to have a brake light sensor.
      Hope this helps

  3. andy says:

    There are 2 types of aftermarket fuel caps available, one type screws closed but just comes to a sealed stop, the other screws closed but then the handle then turns a 1/4 turn which is classed as locking cap, both can be opened by passers by but one closes like bottle top other has locking device in description, are both MOT legal as all original are lockable by key?

    1. admin says:

      A locking fuel cap is not an MOT requirement so either will be fine.

  4. Liam says:

    Hi, I have a 50cc WK Go, which I’m currently in the process of repairing. I have an exhaust mount bolt which has sheared off, i’m having difficulty in removing it at present, would the bike pass with the one missing if all others are in place?
    I know it’s stated all mounts etc, just wanting to confirm.


    1. fasttrack says:

      Yes as stated on the website, all mounts must be present, unbroken and fully support the system.

  5. brook says:

    hi i have a piaggio nrg power its been booked in for an mot but the speedo has stoped working will its still pass and also my tryre has hardly any tred left on it other than that the bike perfect

    1. admin says:

      The speedometer isn’t assessed during the MOT but it is a civil offense to ride without one. I’m not familiar with your model of bike but if it’s a moped the tyre tread simply needs to be ‘visible’. If it’s a 125 you need at least 1mm of tread over 75% of the tyre to pass an MOT.

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