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MOT checks for motorcycle sidecars are divided into five sections. Please click one of the links below to skip to the section of interest.

security :: suspension and wheel bearings :: wheel alignment :: lights and reflectors :: brakes

Security of Attachment of Motorcycle Sidecars

Reasons for a sidecar’s attachment failing the motorcycle MOT

  • The sidecar isn’t securely fitted to the motorcycle
  • Tight, worn or deteriorated pivots or bushes
  • Missing, damaged or loose securing devices, bolts, split pins etc

Motorcycle Sidecar Suspension and Wheel Bearings

Reasons for a sidecar’s suspension or wheel bearings failing the motorcycle MOT

  • Excessively stiff, partially seized suspension
  • Leaking suspension units
  • Fouling between fixed and moving parts which affect the movement of the supsension
  • Insecure suspension units
  • Loose or missing securing nuts, locking devices or spindle
  • Excessively rough or tight wheel bearings

Wheel Alignment

Reasons for a sidecar’s wheel alignment failing the motorcycle MOT

  • Toe-out of the sidecar wheel relative to your motorbike
  • Excessive toe-in of the sidecar wheel relative to your motorbike
  • Excessive vertical misalignment which adversely affects the handling of the combination

Motorcycle Sidecar Lights and Reflectors

  • Sidecars must have a white front position light fitted
  • Sidecars must have a red reflector fitted to the rear nearside pointing squarely to the rear

Motorcycle Sidecar Lights and Reflectors

If fitted, sidecar brakes must reach the standard required in section three of this MOT checklist.

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